•IMPORTANT• If you have a pending payment/funds owed, that has gone unclaimed for more than 18 months, due to negligence on your end, that amount shall be forfeited.


* If not claimed within 18 months from your first email regarding this specific matter, the account will no longer be paid out if the time elapsed is at or gone beyond beyond 18 months, or longer if receiving method of funds has not been ameliorated.  In such instances, latter and former vis-a-vis where our policy is implemented, such as an invalid payment option, or option we do not offer, or length of time elapsed,  the onerous is on the affiliate to remain in compliance with the payout methods we offer.  The first  request in correspondence will count as the reference date, i.e., the date looking back 18 months. If payout method on the affiliates end has not been changed to an accepted method, and informed to us as such, if gone beyond the 18 months, the account will remain non compliant.  Subsequent requests in relation to the reference date begins the new pay period, starting ostensibly at $0.00 balance if 18 months has again elapsed.

Duke Dollars will pay you 50 % of the sign up and recurring income generated by customers referred by you.


As of August 20th, 2010, no affiliate will be permitted to purchase our keywords or domain listings on any search engine. You will NOT be paid for these joins.


No affiliates will be allowed to use our content and watermark it differently. This dilutes our brand and cheapens its worth. Affiliates using this method will be notified and will be made to change their watermark. We will not penalize for content already out there. We will only penalize videos uploaded after Sept 7th 2010


We will NOT accept traffic from sites related or linking to anything illegal in the United States. Accounts found to be in violation of the US laws will be terminated immediately.


Spamming any service (Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Email, USENET, etc...) with advertisements linked to dukedollars.com or one of the Duke Dollars sites is not allowed.


Your personal information WILL NEVER BE SOLD TO ANY KIND OF LIST.


Any form of fraud to the program will lead to the immediate closure of your account.


Only content from a Duke Dollars paysite may be used to promote a Duke Dollars site. We aren't in the business of misleading surfers!


Due to enforcement of our website trademarks, targeting any of our Trademarked website names, site titles, URLs,or names of scenes on said trademarked domains are subject to search engine listing removals via DMCA, affiliate account termination, domain confiscation or withheld earnings. Please be aware of the risk when targeting site specific terms.


Targeting model names is no longer permitted. Also, any affiliate site facilitating the release of stage names of a model will be banned, and all funds forfeited. If we don't use a models stage name in the write up, neither should you. This does not tacitly imply, therefore, that if we do use a models name that it is acceptable use for/by the affiliate. IT IS NOT PERMITTED!


Affiliates are not permitted to use content from our membership areas to promote the Duke Dollars network of sites. Affiliate content is provided by our creative team and is placed in our affiliate admin areas for affiliates to use. Any use of non-approved promotional content used by affiliates is considered grounds for account termination. Please contact us for any custom promotional needs, and we will be sure to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability.


We reserve the right not to do business with certain individuals/sites, we will contact the webmaster if we feel uncomfortable dealing with him/her. All payments owed will be paid out unless the webmaster broke any of the terms during the time he/she was active.


Existing watermarks on ALL pictures and videos belonging to sites in the Duke Dollars network, must remain visible and readable. Do not crop these watermarks out of images, and be sure your video player watermark does not cover this text.


Tubes and File Lockers:
If you link to tubes that are illegal i.e. tubes that do not respond to DMCA, your account will be terminated and funds seized. If you link to file lockers (any) your account will be terminated and funds seized.


Inactive accounts will be deleted after 60 days.


Chargebacks and refunds will be taken from your payment.


Affiliates generating large amounts of refunds and/or chargebacks will be contacted or suspended until investigation has taken place.


All Pay Per Signup sales will be paid for, except for chargebacks and refunds. We will, however, pay on trials that do not upgrade.


Account Cancellation: We do not cancel active accounts. This is to monitor fraud and to keep important metrics available to us. If you are looking to be paid before your minimum payout has been met, this is only possible if after contacting us you make arrangements to send traffic for an additional 90 days to attempt to make the minimum payout. If after 90 days you have still not met the minimum payout and you still wish to be paid, a 25 dollar early payment fee will be assessed. No exceptions.


If you have any questions about these terms, please feel free to contact us.